How to organize your wardrobe


Cleaning out the wardrobe

To make the decision process easier you must remove from your wardrobe the garments that you will never use:

. Uncomfortable or damaged garments

.  Things you lost your interest in

.  Things that are not your size any more, or simply don’t fit well

.Things that haven’t been worn

.Things you don’t remember the last time you have wom

 Keep only the garments that you will definitely wear.


.Organize your garments by categories before you hang or fold them

.Make sure you have quality hangers that don’t deform the clothes

.Sort the garments by color, creating color blocks  in your wardrobe

. Put all your hangers facing the same direction

. Fold your knitwear instead of hanging them

. Hang your ties instead of folding so that the fabric goes back to place after being used

. Keep your formal shoes separate from your casual shoes. Fill the shoes with paper so they keep their shape. In case you keep the boxes take pictures of the shoe and attach them to the visible part of the box

An organized wardrobe is the easiest way to make quick decisions on what to wear

If deciding on what to wear has become a problem, arrange your wardrobe by making assembles for every day of the week, hanging first the jacket (with the pocket square, in case you use one), then the shirt and tie, and finally the trousers.




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